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About Johnny

I am Johnny Gardner, a candidate for Horry County Council chairman. I am a native of Conway, a graduate of Coastal Carolina University and the University of South Carolina School of Law, a U.S. Army veteran having served as a Captain in the 82nd Airborne Infantry Division and the founder of Johnny Gardner Law, P.A.

Growing up in Horry County, I saw a number of things I felt were unfair to common people. I thought if I went to law school, I could help make a difference. That is the same reason I am running for council chairman. Often, effects on the average citizen are barely considered when decisions are made by council. They deserve to have a voice too and I want to be that voice.

The same is true of our county employees. The biggest asset Horry County has is the people who go to work every day to keep the county running whether they are police, fire or emergency services personneI, employees in the various maintenance departments or clerks in an office. I want to level the playing field and make sure everyone is compensated fairly and treated with the respect and appreciation they deserve.

We are again facing  another period of out of control growth in Horry County. We must take a more reasoned approach to development and not allow growth continue to outrun government’s ability to service it. We must take a very serious look at how we can effectively impose impact fees on new development and not continue to raise taxes and fees on current residents to pay the cost of goods and services for new development.

We need a county chairman who will encourage council members to ensure the best policy decisions are made for the citizens of the county and who will then hold staff accountable for implementing those policies. We cannot allow staff to dictate policies with council acting merely as a rubber stamp.

I ask for your vote on June 12th.  Please feel free to give me a call.  My number is 843-748-7293



The Committee to Elect Johnny Gardner